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Types of Sarees to look slim

Diverse Indian Culture

Ancient cultures are still present across various parts of the country and is home to many religions and societies. With the abundance of so many cultures, customs and traditions, you will find communities wearing different kinds of Indian dresses.

Indian dresses and its types

Women in India can be seen adorning a wide variety of Indian Dresses beautifully embellished to suit their festivals and occasions. There are numerous kinds of Indian outfits like Sarees, lehengas, salwar suits, anarkalis, Chaniya choli etc. each of which are available in a number of colours, designs, patterns and fabrics like chiffon, georgette, silk etc.

Sarees for every occasion

They are greatly loved by South-Asian women. In some Indian cultures, it is mandatory to wear a saree during festivals and wedding functions, be it a wedding saree, Diwali saree, sangeet saree, etc. Designers have beautiful and exclusive range for every occasion or festival.

Curvy women usually believe in the myth that sarees make them look huge and more bulky. Well, that’s not true. It is important to understand that you need to carry yourself gracefully in any outfit. For sarees, you should know how to wear, what fabric to choose and colors, along with a perfect blouse design to suit your curvy body. In the article below we shall help you with some tips to rock that saree look.

Choose the right saree to suit your body type

No doubt sarees make you look elegant and pretty, but they also make you look slim. Women with a healthy figure can always opt for a saree as it makes them look slim and beautiful.

Embrace your body just the way it is. Instead of losing weight to fit into your outfits, know which outfit is right for you and which ones will make you look slim, beautiful and feel-good. You should know the proper techniques of draping and carrying it. Any kind of light weight saree such as the ones made from georgette, chiffon, crepe, cotton, silk etc. will always suit an overweight or a healthy women. You have sarees for every body type.

Tips to look Slim in a Saree

  • Always remember that draping a saree properly is crucial. It should look very neat and tidy as a saree not draped in a nice manner will make you look fat in any fabric.
  • Tie your saree tightly with proper pleats.
  • Make sure that you avoid sarees with huge prints. Chose the ones that have small and tiny prints.
  • You need to pay careful attention to your blouse design, opt for a boat neck design that is well fitted with beautifully designed sleeves. Avoid wearing sleeveless or short sleeves blouse.
  • Get the right colours. The Darker the colour, the slimmer it makes you look, hence always chose dark coloured sarees.
  • Make sure that your tummy is properly covered and hidden.
  • Chose sarees that have thin and sleek borders as they are also easier to manage.

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